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Our methodology

Numerous studies determine the key criteria for a successful venture project. Most of them, including the works of recognized experts in the venture industry - Josh Lerner and Stephen Kaplan - agree on one thing. All of them define five basic evaluation categories for every project: team, product, business model, financial metrics and the potential market. Thorough analysis of these categories formed the basis for the approach used by ICOSCORING.
Here are some of them - the most important to take into account when considering each of the categories.
• Does the company provide adequate metric-based financial indicators?
• Comparison of valuations: the project that attracts ICO and its analogue, which successfully raised venture financing
• Estimation of volume of attracted investments - verification of compliance of requested financing with the purposes, cost items, by comparison with cases from the open market
• The current stage of the product development: alpha-version, prototype, working sample, etc. Does GitHub or another hosting service register the updates in the product development?
• Feedback from clients: opinions about a project on the Internet (comments, social activity, public awareness)
• Adoption level: high tech/technical edge/high-level R&D
• How does the Blockchain Technology could change operational activities?
• Token type and role analysis
• Guarantees for investors (escrow, guarantees against misappropriation of funds and of team change in case of ineffective management)
• Does the company’s model comply with the regulations?
• Completeness of the team: the areas of responsibility are divided; key competencies are closed;
• Team members have extensive experience in the industry and with specific technology
• The participants' motivation is aligned: management has options, founders have invested/ are ready to invest their own funds
• Size and scale of the market: regional or global, market volume
• High growth rates of the target market
• Company's relation to the market trends
• Competition in this particular niche
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