ViMarket is a 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality (VR) experiences, ViMarket promises to bring about a much-needed breakthrough in the global e-commerce ecosystem..
ViMarket is a 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality (VR) experiences, ViMarket promises to bring about a much-needed breakthrough in the global e-commerce ecosystem..
Project details
Incorporation status
ViMarket UK Ltd
Available project code
At the moment, you can see the demo version of ViMarket editor. The solution and catalyst to 3D content creation, is via the launch of our editor software ( providing 3D modellers anywhere in the world, the ability to contribute and monetize their creations. ViMarkets 3D editor is a web based application that allows users to create, animate and render 3D content on any compatible device.
Token description
ICO date:
07.12.2017 - 07.01.2018
Role of token:
ViToken (VIT) is an ERC20 standard utility token that will be released in the Ethereum blockchain. Token performs an important role within the platform itself, acting as a means of payment in all transactions related to the purchase/sale and lease of VR content and other products and services in the ecosystem - however, this circumstance does not negate the possibility for users to pay with fiat and crypto-currency.
Token price:
Base price: 1 VIT = 0.90 USD
  • Friend ​and ​Family: 50M ​VIT ​with ​72.2% ​discount
  • Pre- ​ICO: 80M ​VIT ​with ​27.8% -​ 66.7% ​discount (Dec ​7 - Dec 31)
  • ICO: 50M ​VIT ​with ​27.8% - 0% ​discount (Dec ​31 - Jan 7)
Sum of tokens:
250 000 000 единиц
Maximum cap:
225 000 000
Escrow agent:
Accepted currencies ICO:
BTC , ETH , Fiat currencies
Bounty camping:
Under the bounty-campaign ViMarket allocates a pool of 5M tokens ( 2%). The specific encouraged forms of activity and the proportions of the distribution of the tokens pool see on
Token distribution date
No data
ViMarket will be launching their own proprietary and secure exchange on completion of the crowdsale event, where users will be able to buy and sell tokens.
Token distribution:
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Investment attractiveness
According to Goldman Sachs' "Virtual & Augmented Reality" report, the aggregate volume of the target VR / AR market (TAM, total addressable market) by 2025 will be about 80 billion USD in the forecast basic scenario 45 billion USD of which will be spend on hardware- solutions like virtual and augmented reality glasses and 35 billion - for software in this segment. This indirectly points to the potentially high demand for the ViMarket platform from users in the future, but there are also more point estimates for specific industry segments the platform is being created for. Currently the company is launching, focusing on the real-estate and interior design space, but is expanding to include fashion and e-commerce. Thus, the VR / AR technology prospects in retail are estimated through the prism of e-commerce at the level of 1.6 billion USD by 2025, in real estate - about 2.6 billion USD. At the same time, high level of interest in technology from the side of the largest technology companies is underlined - thus, their products in the realm of virtual reality according to 2016 already attended by such companies as Facebook, Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, etc., in the same scope of augmented reality - from Microsoft and, again, Google. All this indicates signs of a high level of competition in the industry, but the market is partly protected by entry market barriers by resource-intensive development process in this segment. It should be noted that there are a lot of strong players in each target segment of ViMarket: Houzz in interior design, and inVRsion in e-commerce.
A 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality (VR) experiences, ViMarket promises to bring about a much-needed breakthrough in the global e-commerce ecosystem. The VR technology utilized by ViMarket is utilized in online games to offer unprecedented confidence and value to the shoppers while making a purchase from any of their internet connected devices. With its proprietary editor, ViMarket allows users to create interactive, photorealistic VR simulations regardless of their professional experience or training. At present, the primary areas of focus for ViMarket are the real-estate and interior decoration sectors. ViMarket wants to heighten purchase aspirations and better track this path-to-purchase, whilst enabling citizen’s trends to be visible to others via 3D asset-marketplace of merchant sponsored products. Launch of Stations, Nation, VIMI and VIwallet will be in 2018.
Team is an international mix of blockchain, marketing and financial experts. In addition, at first glance, the statement of only one blockchain specialist seems insufficient taken into account the importance of technology for the project business model.
Merchant Sponsors, seeking new ways to reach out to customers in a mission to unlock greater and deeper levels of understanding of their behaviour will partner with VIMarket to virtualize their physical products and track baskets that are purchased or abandoned. These physical products will then be available through our repository, to be purchased by shoppers directly from our e-commerce platform where they may be able to browse the product in 3D via any web mobile or VR headset range. Or the virtual virsion of the product can be purchased using the platform’s currency (VIT) ViTokens along with any other virtual model in our catalogue, created by a 400,000 strong community of developers, not related to a physical product owned by a Merchant Sponsor. Purchasing the virtual version of the product is done for two reasons: 1.) If that product is available in real-life via a merchant sponsor then the user will automatically gains a discount on the real goods. 2.) This version of the product can now be stored on the users shelf and this inventory than can be used within a Citizens Station, launching in 2018. A station allows, users to configure rooms and homes to their tastes and preference giving key information to brands and retailers.
ViMarket organizes this ICO mainly to receive funds for further develop the ViMarket platform and bring the development in-house, this will be accomplished either via the acqui-hire of the current development team, or, by actively recruiting new developers and thereby moving development in-house. These funds will also be used to compensate employees/consultants for work completed to assist in the growth and expansion of the ViMarket and it’s associated content. The total number of tokens available during the pre-ICO phase will be 80M, and 50M during the main ICO phase, these will be sold using a milestone pricing method in blocks of 10M, with a decreasing discount, therefore users that by earlier will benefit from a greater discount. Soft cap will be reached $50M. Hard cap: $250M. ViMarket has a defined product roadmap and financial runway as a result there is a pre-determined minimum goal (denoted in Ether), this will enable core objectives to be completed and released.