Traceto - service conducting KYC/AML procedures and verifications for ICO and non-ICO projects. Client will be able to outsource KYC procedures of a project and other systems participants may be rewarded by T2T tokens for helping in the verification process

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Detailed review

Stage of product development
No prototype

Token description
ICO date
01.04.2018 - 30.04.2018
Token price
Hard cap
Capitalization of token pool
Token distribution date
Consensus method
ICO currencies
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No bounty
Token functions
Token is paid when purchasing KYC services and got when helping in verification as a reward
Tokens distribution
Crowdsale (30.0%)
Reserve (30.0%)
Team and Advisors (25.0%)
Marketing and Admin expanses (15.0%)

Competitors are close to their product release final stages Poor token price performance of comparable projects when entering exchanges Lack of detailed market-entry strategy


No prototype available


Lack of decentralization and not reasonable blockchain application


Overestimated and pointless hardcap for project realization Too high token pool capitalization of 100M USD Poor share of tokens for tokensale (30%) with high team share (>50%) breaking decentralization principles and makes it possible to influence on token price Company does not provide any financial estimations of its business


Traceto and Cynopsis are simultaneously developed by the team increasing the risk of softening the focus CEO is engaged in 3 projects including other ICO projects being an advisor No specialist with strong marketing experience

Full analysis

The project will take place on the new RegTech market. According to Deloitte it consists only 80 companies, 55% of them are startups. As MediciInsides says this market will reach 120B USD in 2020 with CAGR 23%. ICO competitors must be noted here, such as Civic (raised 33M USD with tokens currently traded 2.4x to ICO price in USD with general market fall), Selfkey (raised 22M USD with no significant price surge after entering exchanges), TheKey (raised 22M USD with token circulated on second-tier exchanges and falling gradually), Bridge Protocol (recently ended the ICO), Skychain (with the ongoing ICO). Such projects usually raise their hardcap but their performance after entering exchanges is not clear. Comparing roadmaps Civic has released beta and the product will be released in 3Q 2018. Selfkey has released alpha and will launch the product in 2019. TheKey will release its product in June 2019. Although Traceto conduct ICO relatively late, its release will be not so late according to the roadmap – in the end of 2018 or in the beginning of 2019. In addition, the company is working with ICO projects that will contribute its growth even without the release of the product. Most of the projects have strong partnerships with ICO projects, so here it is not right to outline Traceto’s advantages. Having competition analysis Traceto does not states its detailed market entry strategy.


Traceto is a service taking all verifications of network users. ICOs, dApps or exchanges may use Traceto to outsource KYC/AML of their users. Comparing to competitors Traceto’s verification process is more detailed including social networks analysis and digital infrastructure with AI. Product is made by Cynopsis Solutions experienced in KYC for ICO and non-ICO projects, so the current project is an upgrade. In addition, Traceto will include Know-Your-Supplier and Know-Your-Employer spreading their client base. As competition is not tough and KYC demand is growing Traceto solution is likely to have its client. In theory the system turns decentralized including Verificators rewarded for helping in verification process. By the way token distribution is not fair and more than half is concentrated in the team. First significant release will take place in the end of 2018. But now no prototype is available. ICO dates are not available yet.

Business model

Traceto is an upgrade to Cynopsis services with upgraded technologies for KYC as well. T2T token is Utility and is a currency for purchasing KYC services and is a reward for Verificators, who help in verification process. Blockchain only makes processes automated and secured but decentralization is not reached so ICO chosen as the method of fund raising looks pointless. Moreover, the company has revenue that may finance new development.


Hardcap is 30M USD that is likely to be high enough for Traceto functions to develop. Moreover, no detailed information is provided explaining funds needed. Token for crowdsale are 30% of total token supply that is weak for a decentralized system. Team share is 25% and reserve fund is 30%. Additional 15% are for marketing and admin expanses. It means that the team relatively has 70% of tokens making the system centralized even considering close presale distribution. Token pool capitalization is 100M USD that is much as well. It must be noted that presale bonus is low – 5%, decreasing the risk of mass sell-offs when entering exchanges. Competitors analysis demonstrates that the token price is likely to grow when entering exchanges but then the gradual fall is possible.


The team is strong and has experience in conducting KYC/AML, as Traceto is additional unit to the current business. The company started operation in 2014 and has managed to conduct KYC for ICO projects such as Bankex, Bluzelle, Coinfi. Team members’ detailed CVs are available that is not common for ICO projects. CEO has 10 years’ experience in finance and simultaneously is a director in another company providing compliance services. Also, he is advisor in some ICO fintech projects. CTO has worked 4 years in Tata Consultancy as an IT-analyst and been CTO in some fintech projects since 2013. Technical specialists are experienced enough, especially in Data Science. CMO is an experienced specialist in compliance working in investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Merrill Lynch and has been engaged in Sales there.

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