The company develops a web-based platform for reviews of places to visit restaurants and recommendations to users based on AI. Each user on the platform can receive tokens (SYC) as a reward for giving feedback. Also on the platform it is possible to buy discounts and coupons for a visit.

Rating: 1.8

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Detailed review

Stage of product development
Only Beta version of the product is available

Token description
ICO date
16.08.2017 - 13.09.2017
Token price
First 24 hours: 20% Premium Bonus
First Week: 15% Bonus
Second Week: 10% Bonus
Third Week: 5% Bonus
Fourth Week: 0% Bonus
Token distribution date
Consensus method
ICO currencies
Bounty camping
Budget Bounty company: 1,000,000 SYC tokens. Link to Bounty company is not available
Token functions
• XUC can be accepted by majority of exchanges and used as clearing intermediary. • Relatively large discounts of trading fees within exchanges. • Value increase brought by deals on credit and margin trading.
Tokens distribution
Tokens distributed during crowdsale (55.0%)
SynchroLife Pool (Rewards) (20.0%)
SynchroLife business (9.5%)
Team, advisors, and partners (9.5%)
Early Investors (5.0%)
Bounty (1.0%)

The market is highly competitive: more than 30 companies offer the basic function of Sinchrolife. At the same time, most competitors do not limit themselves in the comments on restaurants and several methods of monetization, which makes Sinchrolife. There are bright leaders in the market: tripadvisor (in Russia), Foursquare, yelp received more than $ 10M of investment The market estimates in wp are only indirectly relevant to the project.


The distinctive utility of the company's main value proposition for a visitor to a restaurant is questioned The usefulness of this platform for comparison with competitors is also highly questioned, due to the limitations of the audience The project budget does not go into any comparison with the budget of the market leaders (GrubHub and Just Eat the marketing budget is about 70 million euros in 2015) Large restrictions are laid in the business model Development dynamics can not be tracked using the environment or git hub) The claimed traction is not confirmed The site is not finalized The road map is as abstract as possible


escrow details are not specified in white paper The company does not provide information on how the payment of the company's expenses will be carried out at the expense of the collected funds and how the process of converting crypto currency into fiat money will be controlled, if necessary There are no mechanisms for monitoring the misuse of funds and guarantees for the investor


The mechanism for ensuring profitability for the holders of the tokens is not described Descriptions of most monetization methods are extremely abstract The Company does not provide any financial forecasts None of the monetization methods has a confirmation


Lack of experience of CEO and unconfirmed experience of other team members

Full analysis

The company is located at the intersection of the industry of supply chain aggregators (Delivery Hero, Foodpanda, GrubHub, and Just Eat), booking tables (OpenTable) and travel advisory aggregators (tripadvisor (in Russia), Foursquare, yelp). Such major players as Delivery Hero and Foodpanda attracted 100 million euros in 2015. Most of these companies have a function of assessments and recommendations. At the same time, direct and indirect analogues do not limit themselves in the commentaries only on restaurants and the ways of monetization, which makes Sinchrolife.


CPU for the user. The utility of the company's core value proposition for the visitor user (reward for the feedback) for more honest and active commentaries is questioned: for example, SYC performs scores or other ways to encourage similar applications and is not clearer than it is better CPU for the restaurant. The usefulness of this platform for the restaurant in comparison with competitors is also highly questioned, due to the limitations of the audience • In the market with a very small LTV, Sinchrolife initially makes for itself very large restrictions: recommendations only for the public catering, only recommendations and no booking or delivery • Development dynamics can not be tracked using medium or git hub) • The claimed track of 32,000 users and 150,000 ratings is almost impossible to confirm. The very early post on fb and twitter is July 2. At the same time, there are slightly more than 100 subscribers on fb, which is not comparable with the declared indicators. Most companies report such metrics as MAU, DAU, but these indicators are not presented. • The site is not further developed: 1) links are not working on CEO, other members of the team simply do not have them 2) FAQ is not completed • Road map is as abstract as possible

Business model

The choice of mechanism for raising funds through the ICO is justified by the need to use the SYC tokens as a way of rewarding users in giving recommendations


Total SYC supply: 100,000,000. SYC price: 1 BTC= 122 XUC, 1ETH = 380 XUC (these prices are indicative and will be fixed at crowdsale). The ICO will start on the 16th of August 2017, and will close on the 13st of September 2017. The SynchroCoin token crowdsale will have time based bonuses throughout the crowdsale. The size of the bonus will be largest at the start of the crowdsale and decrease overtime. There will also be a premium bonus during the first 24 hours of the crowdsale. Contributions made early on in the crowdsale will receive the most amount of SynchroCoin tokens for their contributed Ether (ETH) thanks to the bonus.


There are a lot of questions to the experience of the CEO SynchroLife TOMOCHIKA KAMIYA. From the experience presented on LinkedIn, most (11 years) account for AI PACIFIC, Inc. In the role of CEO. Information about this on the Internet is small, the company's website does not work (http://ai-pacific.jp/).

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