Right Mesh
RightMesh – mobile mesh network platform and protocol aiming to promote decentralized Internet in developing countries
RightMesh – mobile mesh network platform and protocol aiming to promote decentralized Internet in developing countries
Project details
Incorporation status
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Available project code
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Token description
ICO date:
15.02.2018 - 31.03.2018
Role of token:
Payment instrument in the platform.
Token price:
1 MESH = 1 USD
  • pre-ICO: 20% bonus
  • ICO: no bonus
Sum of tokens:
129 500 000 единиц
Maximum cap:
100 000 000
No data
Escrow agent:
Bitcoin Suisse
Accepted currencies ICO:
Bounty camping:
No bounty
Token distribution date
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Token distribution:
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Investment attractiveness
Rightmesh is true outlining the problem of low Internet penetration in developing countries and they consider mesh network technology as a successful and promising solvation. According to MarketsAndMarkets, this market will reach 7.4B USD till 2022 from the current 3.9B USD with CAGR of 13.8%. But it must be noted that this problem is also in focus of such giants as Google, Facebook, SpaceX and telecom companies. Therefore Rightmesh is to compete with large market players with vast experience so the risk of successful implementation of mesh network concept when market giants offer their own concepts is seen to be high. Market entry strategy generally is based on selling tokens to app developers, advertisers and enterprises. However ecosystem growth is projected to be organic and this process is not described in depth. In addition we must highlight blockchain competitors such as Ammbr, Blockmesh, Gilgamesh, SmartMesh, but most of them are just in process of conducting ICO.
Rightmesh aims to set P2P connection between users that will pass Internet traffic. Growing users amount will contribute to larger Internet coverage and to decentralized Internet concept promotion. Moreover Rightmesh assumes that Internet will turn free. By the way the ecosystem proposed is not far different from current telecommunication system as they both include traffic going through centralized infrastructure. Internet speed for a proposed decentralized system is also unclear. Roadmap ends in 2020 but details are described only for 2018 and 2019.
Rightmesh is a project of Left company covering several business streams – most of team members are Left empoyees. Rightmesh CEO is CMO in Left with marketing 20 years’ experience. CTO mostly has academic experience in mesh networks with work experience covering another field. Other technical specialists have either experience in another field or generally academic background. Other team member duties are not clear and rather appear not required for the project when technical and blockchain specialists are in need.
The success of the project depends on the technology and unfortunately token here as a concept is not an integral part. Blockchain technology utility is not proven so the project has a little chance to become breakthrough.
Hardcap is 30M USD that is reasonable for such project. Softcap set has not been found. Max bonus for tokensale is 20% decreasing the risk of rapid sell off when coming on exchanges. But token distribution leaves some questions: only 30% for tokensale with the same share for team and advisers. Funds raised usage is following: 50% are destined to product development as no prototype is still available. Then marketing and legal expenses follow with lower share. It must be noted that the project does not disclose any financial estimations without providing any financial model.