Refereum's solution allows remove marketing intermediary by directly rewarding of influencers and gamers for "buzzing" and active using of games.

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Stage of product development
Award.Network platform prototype",

Token description
ICO date
12.02.2018 - 12.03.2018
Token price
The first two days of sale - $0,0085
From the 2nd on the 5th - $0,0088
From the 5th on the 10th - $0,0090
From the 10th on the 20th - $0,0095
From the 20th on the 30th - $0,01
Token distribution date
Consensus method
ICO currencies
Bounty camping
15% - Bitcointalk Signature; 15% - transfers to Bitcointalk; 10% - the forums devoted to games; 8% of Facebook likes; 8% - Twitter followers; 9% support on the website Refereum; 35% - exclusive support.
Token functions
The token of RFR is used for fee of infleuncers on the Award.Network platform, for stimulation of gamers and in-game purchases
Tokens distribution
Investors (49.0%)
Development of the platform (25.0%)
Motivation of developers of games (10.0%)
Share of founders (10.0%)
Attraction of influencers (5.0%)
Bounty (1.0%)

The big competition in this segment of the market – the influencers exchanges, numerous striming-and a hosting platform, working in an eSports segment (and actively involving VC financing in the last 2 years). Also in the nearest future it is worth expecting an exit of large players of the market of advertizing in an eSports segment that will even stronger aggravate the competition.


The product of Award.Network isn't ready, presented only a prototype yet. Anyone will be able to connect to API Twitch – this fact isn't competitive advantage Only one game - hyperfleet-which on a gameplay is similar to "tanchik" that will hardly provide large audience, the interest of influencers and deduction of users in the nearest future is at the moment connected.


The mechanics of reward put in the current business model will be interesting to influencers only if tokens of Refereum are highly liquid and grow in the price, or the plug-in of Refereum will be installed in the most popular games from top developer."


For development and promotion of the platform it is planned to spend 25% of volume of the released tokens that makes $12,5 of M; considering that the company needs to create just the platform for influencers, costs of development seem exaggerated. According to data of PitchBook for the last 3 years, the companies working in an influencer marketing segment, on average, attracted from of $400K up to $1 of M during a round, at average post-money to assessment from $2 to $9 of M – therefore, assessment of Refereum is obviously overestimated. After the ICO, creators intend to allocate $5 of M (in transfer of the price of a token to dollars) for own needs, at the same time for so important item of expenditure as the motivation of developers of games and attraction of influencers is distinguished to only $5 M and $2,5 M, respectively – the last two figures also look excessive.


All key members of the company is in parallel engaged still at least in one project.

Full analysis

By Newzoo estimates, in 2017 revenue of the industry of eSports will make $696 of M, having exceeded an indicator of 2016 for 41,3%; all industry is estimated at $1,3 billion; $1,1 billion in 2016. The largest channels – sponsor's contracts and advertizing. By 2020 the size of revenue will be nearly $1,5 billion; CAGR 2015-2020 – 35,6%. Sponsor's contracts ($655 of M) and advertizing ($224 of M), and the most fast-growing – the rights for media (growth from $95 of M in 2017 up to $340 of M in 2020) will also remain the largest channels. Following the results of 2017, the audience of eSports will make 386 million people of whom 191 million are fans (by 2020 their number will increase by 50% - to 286 million), at the same time, active players only 58,4M (49,8M following the results of 2016). In the USA and Canada, in age groups "up to 35 years", the popularity of eSports is comparable to the popularity of hockey. In April, 2017 more than 200 million hours have been spent for viewing of video connected with top-5 games on Twitch. 71% of all audience of eSports fall in three most popular games according to the rating of Twitch: LoL – 32%, CS Go – 26%, DOTA of 2 - 13%. In the report of Kleiner Perkins "Internet Trends of 2017" is specified that about 2,6 billion people each three months start a game (on any device) at least once. According to mediakix estimates, turnover of the influencer "marketing" market by the end of 2020 will make from $5 to $10 billion.


Refereum represents the platform for direct interaction of developers of games and influencers, thereby solving a problem of inefficient advertizing campaigns and increasing marketing ROI developers. Game studios introduce several lines of the Refereum code (thanks to integration with Unity) in the created games thanks to what tokens of Refereum can be used as vnutrigrovy means of payment, but also allows to place a game on the influencers-platform. Infleuncers which have decided to work with Refereum can choose pleasant to them a task from game studio and receive payment in Refereum tokens for each user who has established a game who, in turn, also earns a reward of Refereum tokens for certain actions in a game. Start of the main functionality of Award.Network is planned for Q2 2018.

Business model

he business model of Refereum is based on use of a platform token and interest of all three parties concerned – developers of games, influencers and players. Developers introduce Refereum plug-in in the game or a product and establish concrete criteria of how to unblock tokens of Refereum and to receive them as remuneration; also they can adjust Refereum tokens for use as means of payment in the game or a product, using the same plug-in. In the current business model, influencers ordinary players – tokens of Refereum which they then can resell or use for in-game purchases are rewarded also, as well as.


Refereum will produce 50 million tokens, with a par value of $1 everyone of which 25 million will be sold during ICO. After full start of the platform, only tokens of Refereum will be applied to all forms of calculations and only developers of games will be able to buy them not only at the exchange, but also for fiat currencies.


Main persons of the Refereum project: • Dylan Jones – the CEO; more than seven years of experience in the game industry, four of which tAlistair Doulin – CTO was engaged in design of games; more than twenty years is engaged in programming and development of IT-systems, since 2010 tSloane Earl – Business Development is the CTO developer of the games Bane Games ; more than eight years of experience in the game industry, four of which have fallen on the developer of the games Concept Art House where it was engaged in sales, and tNick Klingensmith – Tools Developer enters Advisory now; more than thirteen years of experience in the game industry as the developer programmer; since 2012 the co-founder of studio of development Simbryo • Oleksii Matiiasevych – the smart-contracts developer; now Smart Contracts Engineer in Ambisafe, worked in Tether before

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