Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol – protocol for checking data authenticity and rewarding all value chain participants

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Stage of product development

Token description
ICO date
01.06.2018 - 01.07.2018
Token price
Hard cap
Soft cap
Capitalization of token pool
Token distribution date
Consensus method
ICO currencies
Bounty camping
Token functions
Settlement instrument and a reward for nodes.
Tokens distribution
Tokensale (40.0%)
Reserve (20.0%)
Operations and advisors (20.0%)
Partners (10.0%)
Team (10.0%)

Tough competition with similar blockchain projects Lack of significant edge on competitors


Product overcome authenticity problem and does not allow to change data elements but does not solve the problem of fake raw data Lack of rational grounds to such a long and intricate value chain It is impossible to track project’s development and check the current stage of development


Other platforms may be applied but there are no details which ones


Overestimated hardcap – 20M USD Lack of details regarding the reserve of 20% of tokens


Possible poor focus on the project due to DataStreamX activity Lack of experienced legal and relevant blockchain specialists

Full analysis

Quadrant Protocol aims to overcome the problem of data gathering and authentication for AI. It is crucial for small and medium enterprises that buy such information and fake data is detrimental. Therefore, the demand here is met. Competitors here are IOTA, Ocean Protocol, Streamr, Synapse that will release their product till the beginning of 2019. Quadrant Protocol roadmap not significantly lags behind the competitors. Its model is obviously different but does not have significant edge on competitors. Quadrant market entry strategy is normal and fits market trends but there are no details regarding the competitors.


Quadrant ecosystem includes 5 agents. Nurseries provide raw data, they are IoT sensors as an example. Pioneers turn raw data into databases. Elons combine all data and provide final data product. Guardians are master nodes and keep blockchain working. In the end are data consumers – Quadrant Protocol clients. Data origin is saved in blockchain and data itself is marked so a consumer may be sure that data have not been changed. Revenue from data purchasing is divided for all value chain participants. Mainnet launch is going to be in May 2018, smart contract in October 2018 and monetization system with nodes is to be launched in 2Q 2019. The product is under the testing now and it is impossible to track its development and ICO smart-contract development as well.

Business model

Blockchain saves data origin and smart contracts distribute revenue automatically. Transactions are nominated in QUAD that is also a reward for nodes. eQuad issued on ERC-20 standard will be exchanged to QUAD of the own blockchain. Consensus algorithm is Proof of Authority aiming to increase transaction proceeding. Some portion of QUADs will be taken to guarantee valid data from Elons. ICO has rational grounds.


Hardcap is set as 20M USD with softcap of 3M USD. It is a bit overestimated but considering 40% to tokensale total token pool capitalization turns 50M USD that is not so much in comparison to competitors. Other 60% is distributed as follows – 10% for team, 10% for partners, 20% for reserves, 20% for operational expenditures. Costs are structured and the team provides details and grounds for all the elements. Direct revenue streams are not announced but such projects usually are interested in token price increase.


Quadrant Protocol is a product of DataStreamX – company trading data since 2014 with technologies applied in Quadrant. The team include 7 members working in DataStreamX as well. CEO has worked 3 years in Samsung in marketing and strategy departments and 5 years in management positions in IT companies of Canada and Asia. Director of Engineering has relevant experience since 2008 with 4 years in managing IT teams. Other technical specialists have been in DataStreamX since 2015 or 2016 with 2 years of previous experience. CMO only has marketing experience in DataStreamX.

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