Production and sale of the immersion cooling system for the personal computer (own development)
Production and sale of the immersion cooling system for the personal computer (own development)
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26.10.2017 - 23.11.2017
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pre-sale: exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1.2 ICS; phase of sales: exchange rate: 1 ETH = 0,9 ICS
Sum of tokens:
500 000 единиц
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155 000 000
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Investment attractiveness
Immersion cooling systems aren't new and aren't shirokorasprostranyonny because of high cost (on average 5 times more expensively than the air cooling system), thus are focused mainly on users of hi-end of iron and mayner. The similar type of systems has well proved in a segment of the server hardware, at the same time still there is no product focused on the personal computer. At the same time from the point of view of technologies, any company of the gigabyte level has a possibility of fast creation of a similar product.
The product of Novacool is in a concept stage, there are no protocols for testing of the developed system. At the same time, the company has no intellectually property (IP). The technology which is the cornerstone of a product isn't unique. At the same time, the company plans creation of production base in China, but doesn't provide any feasibility studies with instructions of partners and the status of arrangements on creation of the assembly conveyor.
Participants of the project have no significant experience of creation and development of a business. Ksenia Shipulina positioning herself as the expert of the venture industry isn't that (I have got relevant experience within a development of the SmartBPM project). Also in a team, there are no participants with experience of creation of industrial complexes that will strongly complicate expansion of foreign production.
The release of tokens is necessary only for an attraction of financing. Use of technology a blockchain doesn't exert any positive impact on operational and economic components of the project.
The company doesn't provide the detailed budget for the creation of production and justification of economic appeal of the project. There are no mechanisms of control of the inappropriate expenditure of means. The volume of the involved investments (more than $100 million) isn't proved by financial model of the project.