Esprezzo aims to create the web and mobile development platform on blockchain. Esprezzo provides future blockchain developers the open-source tools and the high transaction speed necessary to create cryptographically secure applications.

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Detailed review

Stage of product development
The product development started in Q3 2017, according to the roadmap. Some of the milestones have already been reached, including Ethereum and Elixir integration testing and building authentication components and basic social application with token integration. The fully developed platform launch is expected in Q2-Q4 2018.

Token description
ICO date
Token price
$100,000 or more = 35% discount to Token Price in TGE
$99,000-$25,000 = 25% discount to Token Price in TGE
Hard cap
Soft cap
Capitalization of token pool
Token distribution date
Consensus method
A hybrid method of delegated proof of stake and low-difficulty proof of work.
ICO currencies
Bounty camping
Token functions
Tokens will be used to power transactions on the platform. Tokens serve as a key or software license, and more tokens can be used over time to increase performance and scale of developers’ applications. In addition, a dashboard will be created for administrators to distribute tokens, monitor usage, and purchase more tokens as necessary.
Tokens distribution
Sale (51.0%)
Founding Organization and Partners Reserve (25.0%)
Community and Research Development Reserve (15.0%)
Treasury Reserve (9.0%)

Stratis, Lisk, Ark, BlockApps, and Hyperledger, which are similar to Esprezzo, already have large communities which may decrease the potential for Esprezzo development.


Further development milestones in the roadmap might be described in more detail. MVP is not ready yet. The process of different blockchains integration might be complex and could take longer than expected.


The product line offering might be subject to change.


The use of proceeds description is not detailed. Post ICO valuation might seem high at first sight.


The CEO's experience lies on the intersection of IT and business; he does not have a background in blockchain or decentralized ecosystems. The whole team also works on CampusTap. Focusing on two projects at the same time might put Esrezzo development at risk Blockchain Strategists education is unclear.

Full analysis

Because of its immutable ledger and highly secure framework, applications built on blockchain can offer lower operational costs, better data security, and faster transactions in a number of industries, including financial services, retail, and personal identity. However, The technology is inaccessible unless you have full-stack DevOps and cryptography experience. On top of that, existing blockchains don’t support the volume of transactions needed to run data-rich blockchain apps. That is why the potential of blockchain development solutions is huge. There are a number of potential competitors to Esprezzo that offer blockchain development solutions, including Stratis, Lisk, Ark, BlockApps, and Hyperledger. Most of these projects gained high ROI since public sale or now have large communities. This may decrease the potential for Esprezzo development.


Esprezzo aims to create a development platform for entrepreneurial coders and enterprises looking to build data-rich web and mobile products on blockchain. Esprezzo’s blockchain is a consensus-based peer-to-peer network protocol implementation that includes a distributed ledger, a fabric of sidechains, and a UTXO-based cryptocurrency that provides high transaction speed. Esprezzo integrates with GraphQL, the query language that powers the world’s most data-rich websites at scale: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Yelp, Intuit, and many more. Esprezzo levels the playing field in blockchain development with a platform that includes a distributed blockchain ledger, ephemeral sidechain configuration, command line tools, and API and SDK libraries. The company creates a middleware platform and a library of SDKs that can interface with various blockchains, initially Ethereum and Esrezzo blockchains will be supported. Later, the team aims to integrate next-generation blockchain projects such as Aion, EOS, NEO, and Cardano. Firstly, the team aims to migrate CampusTap's (the existing project, founded by the same team) infrastructure to blockchains using Esprezzo. They aim to deliver this migration in 2018. Esprezzo’s compatibility with Ethereum, which allows interoperable transactions, is a key differentiator between Esprezzo and its competitors. Unlike other solutions, Esprezzo abstracts its codebase to the front end so that it’s accessible to developers. In comparison, Stratis, BlockApps, and Hyperledger are all more appropriate for back-end enterprise developers. Ark and Lisk are aimed primarily at consumer development. The product development started in Q3 2017, according to the roadmap. Some of the milestones have already been reached, including Ethereum and Elixir integration testing and building authentication components and basic social application with token integration. The fully developed platform launch is expected in Q2-Q4 2018. GitHub activity started at the end of 2017 and was high from January to April 2018.

Business model

Components of the CampusTap platform will be decoupled and made available for Esprezzo users to incorporate within their own applications. These will include messaging capabilities, user profiles, data visualization, and more. The first component will be blockchain-based identity solution. Various components will be available for a nominal token fee within the Esprezzo Marketplace. Also, Esprezzo will provide hosting and consultancy for decentralized applications (Dapps) built on the Ethereum blockchain or Esprezzo MainNet. Esprezzo’s pricing model will begin with a freemium offering. This package will allow developers to leverage Esprezzo’s middleware. There will be three core offerings: Starter, Small Business, and Enterprise. The Starter tier will be the free offering, allowing developers to explore and prototype on the test net, and use the developer tools and libraries. The Small Business package will consist of a $50/month fee that will provide access to the same elements as the Starter tier, including the ability to deploy to the Esprezzo MainNet. The Small Business tier will include 10,000 data events per month. Users that are building applications for scale will fall into the Enterprise tier and will be provided custom pricing based on their anticipated usage of the Esprezzo MainNet resources.


The project aims to raise $30.6M selling 51% of the tokens. This will give post-ICO valuation of $60M. This figure seems high. However, considereing that TGE will be conducted only once a viable platform with an integrated EZPZ utility token can be demosntrated, the valuation looks fair. The project aims to conduct two pre-sale rounds and raise $17.5 during these rounds. The proceeds from the two Presale Rounds will be used for: Completion of the product development roadmap through demonstration of a viable platform with an integrated EZPZ utility token, and growth of our software development team, Additional marketing resources, Expanding our business development efforts related to external partnerships, Accounting and legal costs related to the presale and TGE. Most of the competing projects which conducted ICOs gained tremendous ROI in USD since the public sale. Lisk - x115, Ark - x237, Stratis - x751.


Esprezzo currently has 12 employees and one contractor. In addition to executive officers, 3 developers make up the development team dedicated to building the Platform. Most of the team members consist of the current CampusTap workers. This is a good sign because the team has previously developed and scaled a product together. However, focusing on two projects at the same time - CampusTap and Esprezzo - might put Esrezzo development at risk. The CEO of Esprezzo - Remy Carpinito - has previous successful entrepreneurial experience. He is the founder of CampusTap, a private networking and alumni mentoring platform to help students and recent graduates jumpstart careers. The platform was founded in May 2012 and currently serves more than 60 organizations and reaches over 1 million users across the world. The platform has iOS application as well as web-version. His experience lies on the intersection of IT and business, he does not have a background in blockchain or decentralized ecosystems. The Blockchain strategist - Igor Baldyga - has 1-year experience in cryptocurrencies. His education is unclear. The CTO - Alan Wilhelm - has a strong technical background. He has previously worked at Electronic Arts, Radius Intelligence Inc. Esprezzo has top tier advisors which include Dr. Mihaela Ulieru - WEF Consultant.

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