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Eggs Datacenter is a distributed data center using the blocking technology - Emercoin, designed to compete with traditional data centers due to lower prices and the level of risk for users, as well as less signal delay. Thus, by solving these problems, Eggs will be able to start developing on the still not open market of remote jobs, i.e. in the WaaS market. The key to this is the expansion of the peer-to-peer server network built by Eggs, under the control of the company itself, achieved through the involvement of small business partners in the ecosystem, small and medium-sized businesses around the world, in order to maintain a small (up to 6 users) per host. The incentive for participation in the project for them (enterprises) is to provide cheap broadband Internet connection to the hosts - 30-50% below the market price. Low cost of Internet services for hosters and users of the data center is achieved due to the fact that the licensed Internet provider receives compensation of expenses from date of the center.

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Detailed review

Stage of product development
At the current stage, the project has a working prototype of the product and a network of partner enterprises deployed in 17 cities

Token description
ICO date
15.10.2017 - 15.12.2017
Token price
The closed part of pre-ICO – 160 000 EGS at the price 1 EGS = $ USD 2,5 (min. volume – 5 000 EGS, terms: 17.09.17 – 15.10.17)
Open part of pre-ICO – 100 000 EGS at the price 1 EGS = $ USD 4 (the min. volume is absent, terms – 15.10.17 – 15.11.17)
The main part of ICO – 29 700 000 EGS at the price 1 EGS = $ USD 5 with weekly advance in price (min. volume is absent, terms of carrying out aren't determined)
Emercoin for pre-ICO, Ethereum for ICO
Emercoin & Ethereum
Token distribution date
Consensus method
ICO currencies
Bounty camping
Distribution of 40 000 EGS is provided in the following proportion: 10% (20 000 USD) – for transfer to BitcoinTalk 20% (40 000 USD) – for support in Youtube and blogs 30% (60 000 USD) – or support in social networks (Vk, Tw, Fb, Tl) 40% (80 000 USD) – for signatures on BitcoinTalk
Token functions
The token of EGS represents alternative unit of account in Eggs Datacenter ecosystem – with his help it is possible to pay both services date of the center, and Internet connection. In general, he represents a utility-token of the ERC-20 standard with a bias in maintenance of loyalty of users as in relation to date to the center, and services of providers of the Internet.
Tokens distribution
Team (9.0%)
Investors (91.0%)

Current host partners are clients from the previous projec - Eggs TV, therefore, you can not refer to these figures as an indicator of the real interest of the Russian market in the product Eggs Datacenter. Some of the potential customers of Eggs Datacenter, seriously concerned about the security issue when working remotely with their employees, begin to develop their own projects in the field of blockchain. Emerging markets can be institutionally not ready to such hi-tech solution of their problems – besides, according to the report of Hype Cycle from Gartner, interest in technology of a blockchain in the real sector so far is only made out and will pass on average from 5 to 10 years before the steady markets with this technology are created.


There is no clear roadmap for product development: activities are called, but their terms are not reported. Hosts can not agree to store someone else's data of the unknown nature because of possible legal risks + nobody cancelled factors like the competition in a situation when the companies from one branch are engaged in a hosting. Thus, the product needs more detailed description because of basic novelty for the market of the technology which is its cornerstone. At the moment there is no consensus on prospects of a WaaS segment – by this moment this rather niche, a little advancing time decision, besides conceptually unevident.


Will token become a widely used unit of account ? A part of revenue which generated in tokens will be subject to a volatility factor. The business model is overloaded with stakeholders and is basically based on inflated Internet tariffs for business. There is a risk that in the future the situation may change, and Eggs will have nothing to offer partners.


The mechanism of returning funds to the investors is not provided. Theoretically, based on the results of ICO, the company's capitalization can grow to USD 150 million - close to the record on the ICO market, an extremely ambitious estimate, which requires the company's operating performance indicators that are outstanding for the startup, therefore, there is a risk of a collapse in the price of EGS after the formation of the secondary market of tokens . Eggs does not provide any financial forecasts of its future activities. At the presale stage, the tokens are sold at a 50% and 20% discount so there is a risk that most of the investors investing during the pre-ICO A significant part of the expenses (25%) is allocated to the salary of the project team, the full list of members of which the company does not disclose.


Eggs Datacenter is not the only one project in which its top management is engaged, therefore, there is a risk of dispersion of attention between projects, which can affect the quality of management and strategic decisions. The team lacks a clear experience in the field of blockchain technology (exception of interaction with partners from Emercoin during of work on the CryptoVault project)

Full analysis

The business model of Eggs Datacenter is more focused on the markets of developing countries such as Russia, India, and China. these markets are the most profitable for investors and have significant opportunities for growth in the field of WaaS - Workspace-as-a-Service - "Remote jobs as a service." A joint analysis of the two main markets in which the company operates, namely telecommunications and cloud services, gives the following picture: the cloud market is currently developing rapidly, demonstrating an average growth rate of 25% per year. The segment of IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) that interests us has a forecast CAGR of 34.1% by 2018, in addition, according to some experts, 20% of the IaaS market form a potential new market - WaaS, which is targeted for Eggs Datacenter , whose capacity, according to experts, will be 10 billion USD in 2018. The key competitors here will be Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and IBM. In the case of the telecommunications market, the situation is opposite - its annual growth rate is estimated at 1.7%, it is characterized by a much greater degree of consolidation: the leaders are AT & T, Nippon Telegraph & Tel, Verizon Communications, China Mobile Vodafone, America Movil, In the next five years, about 60% of the world's revenue growth will occur in developing markets - China (40%), India (12%) and Brazil (8%). The key here for the Eggs market is the segment of broadband Internet access for consumers and corporate clients. According to TMT Consulting, this market is 11-15% of the market share and is estimated at about $ 150 billion worldwide. As for risks, the rate on emerging markets in the context of a sufficiently high-tech solution and the need for certain block-and-cryptocultures from users will be quite risky - at least, a loyalty program based on tokens may not be accepted. While the most obvious pluses to project is presence at this time on the Russian market of 100+ hosts that support the project.


Eggs Datacenter provides local and secure anonymous remote workstations for small businesses, freelancers and all those who need powerful video cards for a short time - scientists, researchers of neural networks, miners. The Eggs solution takes into account all the typical problems for traditional data centers, which all this time hindered the development of the market for remote workstations: the security of data storage follows, on the one hand, from the used blocking technology in combination with more traditional methods of protection like FDE - encryption and antiviruses on hosts , on the other hand, because of the limitation of the number of users by 5-6 users per host; the reduction in signal delay is ensured by the inclusion in the Eggs ecosystem of the largest possible network of hosters in the face of small and medium-sized businesses, which are encouraged to provide their premises for the server's data center with a cheap Internet connection provided by licensed Internet provider partners.

Business model

The business model of the cloud component of Eggs Datacenter is classified as WaaS: in exchange for a fee that can be made using both traditional currencies and EGS tokens that can be purchased in the primary or secondary market / received as a cashback for payment services data center, users - consumers, as well as small and medium businesses - get access to remote workstations and / or virtual facilities, in fact - to the cloud infrastructure, which allows you to save on your own equipment and (in the case of business) socially, on rent, which is especially important for organizations. Blocking in this case acts as a replacement for centralized authorization systems, and low storage risks ensure the use of FDE encryption, as well as the resolution of DNS queries and the protection of established connections. The company-issued token EGS is not a critical condition for accessing the data center services, but acts only as an alternative settlement currency and an element of the loyalty program not only for the company itself, but also for its partner providers: through it, connections at lower rates.


Raising funds through ICO is carried out by the company mainly for the modernization of the telecommunications infrastructure and achievement of the set development goals - in order to expand, the project needs funds for installing servers and reconnecting hosts to the Internet; a conservative scenario of the project development involves riising up to 5 million USD and installation of 2,000 servers, provision of 2,000 Russian companies with a cheap Internet connection for EGS tokens and equipment for new networks, creation of 12,000 remote workplaces in a distributed data center video cards and without), providing the possibility of paying for an Internet connection to the licensed provider Eggs Telecom LLC using tokens, listing EGS on the exchange. With more favorable scenarios during the ICO for Eggs, it is planned to expand the network of partners among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and Internet providers, as well as develop the geography of the presence of the Eggs business. In addition, a conservative spending plan is developed for the year of development in one country (total cost is about 2.3 million USD): 36.6% - buyback of traffic, 30.9% - purchase of servers, 23.9% % - salaries, 3.7% - fixes, 2.6% - foreclosure, 1.7% - marketing. Provision is made for a return on investment if the project collects less than 300 BTC.


Eggs Datacenter does not disclose the full composition of its team, which makes it impossible to assess the degree of balance and diversification of its composition, the level of expertise of the team as a whole, and the optimality of its size for the current stage of development. Plus, firstly, is the foreign origin of the company's CEO, as Eggs has a broad geography of presence in the plans, and secondly, that the team has assets in the field of crypto-currency (crypto-fund), as well as general expertise in the field of cloud and telecommunications technologies. Third, the team has a project at the junction of cloud technologies and crypto currency - an encrypted cloud to protect CryptoVault crypts. The downside is that behind the sought-after project there is a so-called. Eggs Community, which unites under its wing several independent projects in which the desired managerial core is also involved, which creates the risk of dispersal of attention. The team's experience in the field of block-technology is also not fully understood.

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