Dogezer integrates the tools functionality similar to GitHub, Jira, Slack, Google Docs, and UpWork, in one ecosystem and necessary for the virtual company management on development of the Software, including the Dogezer financial system that provides all. The work of the employees, who are involved in the development of the project, can be paid by intra-design currency which is converted further into a share of profit or property at the success of this project, realizing the idea: "Your team - your investors".

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Detailed review

Stage of product development
Relese of the Beta is planned for summer of 2018, and the official release of completely functional version will be at the end of 2018.

Token description
ICO date
15.01.2018 - 15.02.2018
Token price
Jan 15h 13:00 UTC – Jan 22th 00:00 UTC – 0.90 USD per 1 DGZ
Jan 22h 00:00 UTC – Jan 29th 00:00 UTC – 0.95 USD per 1 DGZ
Jan 29h 00:00 UTC – Feb 5th 00:00 UTC – 0.98 USD per 1 DGZ
Feb 5th 00:00 UTC – Feb 15th 00:00 UTC – 1.00 USD per 1 DGZ
Token distribution date
Consensus method
The company is ready to consider offers, without proposing concrete solutions on Escrow.
ICO currencies
Bounty camping
1.5% of all Sold Tokens
Token functions
Dogezer suggests purchasing DGZ Tokens, which are providing access to Premium License. A Premium License allow creating, operating, cooperating, sharing, programming, developing or creating services for the specific project based on the Dogezer Platform. Each owner of DGZ Tokens has the right to use the Premium License for commercial purposes.
Tokens distribution
Team (1.0%)
Sale to funds and large buyers (2.0%)
Bounty (1.0%)
Sale during ICO (96.0%)

The value proposition formulated by the company for the target segments is not verified. Evaluating platform application for IT startups, there is a question of long-term motivation of employees in case of absence of net profit during the long-term period. Demand from the market isn't verified and not confirmed. Absence of certain go-to-market strategy. Market of tools for IT developers is highly competitive and imposes high requirements of offered tool quality.


The current functionality of the platform copies and combines successful decisions of third-party developers (GitHub, Jira, Slack, Google Docs, and UpWork), but doesn't guarantee quality at the same level. It is impossible to estimate a product, because of lack of its beta version. Product has no strong competitive advantages among other outsourcing platforms. There are no proofs of experience with big traffic, aspects of platform safety remain unaddressed.


The business model relies on the overestimated expectations of developers’ transfer from existing tools to Dogezer. At the same time, motivation mechanism offered by Dogezer has a number of serious vulnerabilities in it. It is unsuitable for the projects with long-term period of reaching operational profit (in this case the employee's long-term motivation is hardly probable.


The company plans to raised about $20 million in case of the successful scenario, herewith, post-money valuation (after investments) for analogues in IT segment in US market (according to Pitch Book) is $7M. The average size of an investments round for the company comparable to Dogezer, is $1M. (according to PitchBook taking into account life time of the company and the status of a product). Proceeding from DGZ tokens functionality, purchasing of it tokens is value only if the participant wishes to become the user of the platform further. The company does not provide adequate current and achievable expected financial forecasts.


In team there are no specialists with competences of creation and development of large business. In team there are no participants, who can effectively managed marketing budgets over $1 million. Team members are in parallel involved in Wearehere Labs that can exert negative impact on focus and motivation.

Full analysis

The platform is aimed to experts in the field of software development, UI/UX of the designers, testers and other experts involved in the creation and a launch of IT products to the market. However, a readiness of potential clients in each of target segments (startups, developers of games and cloud SaaS ) to use the platform is not verified. The volumes of the target market segments specified in WP have estimated incorrectly for the following reasons: 1) The platform raises only some fix license fee, thus the volume of the target market does not equal to the total volume of services rendered on it. 2) Startups at the initial stages (Seed, Round A) often need significant period to become profitable by operations and have complex motivation system for key developers which forms in fixed salary and options for a share of project, at the same time the system of motivation offered by Dogezer can be inefficient because of impossibility of tokens’ repayment, if project is not operationally profitable. 3) The refusal of developers from “Zoo of Tools” in favour of the Dogezer platform is improbable because of the high competition in a segment and existence of such excellent tools as GitHub, Trello, Slack, etc. 4) Dogezer has no significant competitive advantages among competitors.


The Dogezer is SaaS platform that combines the functionality of Kickstarter, Upwork, GitHub, Slack, Jira, GoogleDocs, Dropbox in one product, giving an effective opportunity to combine these decisions with each other. Technically, the Dogezer platform is a selection of the independent services, working inside docker-containers with the special layer, which connecting containers. However, it is impossible to estimate product quality because of lack of a beta version.

Business model

Dogezer will use the Freemium model of monetizing - consumers will pay for use of functionality beyond a basic level. At the same time, the holder of DGZ Tokens acts as the Licensee who receives a portion of the rights to use Dogezer. Dogezer isn't aimed to creation of a joint venture with owners of DGZ but provides them system for implementation of their own projects.


The successful scenario of ICO carrying out assumes attraction not less than $20 million. Distribution of investments will be carried out as follows: $1,000,000 Legal service; $12,000,000 Development; $2,000,000 Servers and Support; $5,000,000 Marketing. In total there are 100,000,000 created DGZ of Tokens, 98,000,000 of which are available for sale for the base price equal to 1 US dollar. At the same time, the main uncertainty is the lack of detailed substantiation for amount of raised funds and discrepancy of expenses’ structure with the same metrics of competitors (Dogezer’s future costs have been compared with financial data models of the company Atlassian, Jira).


The team consists of 7 participants. The core team is created by collaboration with studio of the Dogezer founder - Wearehere Labs. By estimates of IT expert, implementation of the road map planned by Dogezer is impossible in the current team's line-up and, taking into account experience of the founder, more likely will be carried out by forces of third-party experts on outsourcing. At the same time, the question of involvement experts with adequate level will be key for the project. Currenlty, there are no experts with experience of creation and development of business to the corresponding scale. As for marketing (budgets on marketing exceed $1 million in basic option of attraction of financing), according to the current team's line-up the efficiency of marketing strategy and corresponding budget expenditure is called into question.

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