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BitTorrent - peer-to-peer file sharing on Tron

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BitTorrent client available only

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28.01.2019 - 03.02.2019
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- Two regulators' red flags combined in BitTorrent - crypto assets and torrent protocol helping to avoid official streams of official content purchases.


- Risk of the weak TRON's suitability for BitTorrent's file-sharing capacity (according to insiders' gossips)

- Previous attempts to introduce monetization were failed

- The upgrade is likely to be implemented in the client only, not protocol

- Lack of technical details in the Whitepaper


- Possible TRON's inefficiency for BitTorrent's network


- Recently BitTorrent was taken over by TRON for 140M USD - so much cash received leaves the tokensale with no rational ground. It looks like that TRON aims to receive back some funds and make the deal more profitable.

- High token pool valuation


- Team reorganization since the acquisition and experience the mass outflow of leaders

Full analysis

On the market of P2P file sharing torrent services are the best example and are widely used, especially in developing countries with weak internet prohibitions in content downloading. Torrent protocols are highly user-friendly, but they leave the content industry with less revenue and sometimes contribute to braking intellectual property law.

By the way, BitTorrent is one of the most popular services in the field - established in 2004. For now, it captures the leading market share (40%) with over 100 monthly active users.

TRON as the basis for the protocol is the technically stable and promising platform. It must be noted, that this is a perfect opportunity for TRON for expansion and new users to be attracted. This growth opportunity turn TRON interested in BitTorrent success. Also, they are affiliated, so the strong support is expected.


BitTorrent is known as software for file sharing on the web. New protocol developing aims to be a new layer in this software. Currently, BitTorrent has no economical incentives - users share files with no motivation. Since the introduction of new blockchain features, users will receive tokens for sharing - it is likely to attract more users to share and increase download speed. The protocol extension will implement TRON network. New protocol upgrade will be available for all BitTorrent users - 100 million monthly active users.

Unfortunately, for now, we have nothing to test, and Whitepaper does not consist of significant info for valuation.

The interesting fact is that BitTorrent proves to be the largest decentralised protocol in the World with over 1 bln users registered. Bitcoin, as an example, has only 30 mln addresses.

Former CSO of BitTorrent indicated, that token implemented may accelerate the speed by 40%, but the TRON blockchain is not technically able to overpower BitTorrents' capacity. Whitepaper does not provide the technical resolution of this issue.

Business model

Economically, token will be an incentive or an economic measure of the relation between users sharing files. It doesn't only stimulate users to share files actively but may also turn a new growth point for BitTorrent.

Blockchain in a good idea, helping the company to grow an overcome inefficiency of the current business model.


Tokensale will be arranged through Binance platform for tokensales. Also, Binance promises to provide its projects with advisory and they are likely to achieve listing. Binance will outsource all tokensale staff together with KYC and token distribution.

One suspicious issue is that BitTorrent has been recently bought by TRON for $140 million. The reasons behind the tokensale after so much cash received - unknown.

Компания хочет привлечь 7 200 000 USD for 6%, resulting in the valuation of 120 M USD - close enough to the price of the TRON-BitTorrent acquisition. 

The personal cap is 20 000 USD.

Tokens will be distributed in 15 days after the end of the tokensale.

Tokens will not be locked


The team obviously has enough expertise in content sharing with the proven track record and previous work under the well-known BitTorrent service. A list of tasks already completed is much more complicated than just introducing token and economic incentives as an extension. For now, the team include 71 members, according to its LinkedIn page.

Also, after the acquisition by TRON, their members is about to join the development.

Since former CEO left Bittorent, the new CEO is Justin Sun - Tron's CEO.

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