Atonomi provides a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce. The key innovation of Atonomi is to root the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. Atonomi is subsidiary company for CENTRI Technology, a big name in the IoT industry, the goal of this project is to provide the world with a secure IoT network that will allow users to identify IoT devices and also determine how “trustable” they are. Atonomi will introduce an entire ecosystem where people will be able to share and receive data from IoT devices and have its own native currency that will play a role in incentivizing the sharing of data.

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The product is not developed. Parent company – CENTRI Technology provides security solutions for IoT. Some developed technologies of CENTRI Technology will be implemented to Autonomi. The roadmap has not been presented yet.

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04.06.2018 - 06.06.2018
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The Atonomi Token is used within the security protocol for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions. Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors are anticipated to seek Atonomi Token rewards for participating in the Atonomi Network.

Project do not have exact focus on certain markets.


Current development stage is not clear. Roadmap is not presented in current version.


Financial model has not been presented. Hard cap has not been presented.

Full analysis

Vertically focused IoT companies are building diverse new applications for both controlled and autonomous device-to-device interactions, but the attack surface represented by billions of IoT devices. That is, there are billions of IoT devices already deployed today and billions more coming. Gartner estimates there are already some 8.4 billion IoT devices deployed in the world in 2017, growth rate is more than 30%, and further projects the number of IoT devices to increase to 20.4 billion by 2020. Billions of connected devices will propagate between a quadrillion and sextillion of transactions of data and/or commerce over time. Moreover, use cases of IoT are spread throughout many industries. The most popular are following: healthcare, smart home, industrial IoT, smart cities. All devices could be connected to secured Atonomi Network. The usage of Atonomi Tokens would stimulate increasing number of transactions. In addition to that, IoT devices are more than capable of making the data collection process much more cost effective and streamlined. The IoT network provides us with an autonomous data collection system that currently requires human interaction. As a result, even small share on this market could bring to you billions of dollars in revenue and market capitalization.


The key innovation of the Atonomi low-level protocol is to root the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. One of the most important thing is that the Atonomi platform will make use of CENTRI’s patented technologies. This integration will not only make Atonomi safer, it will also give the platform an edge over its competition. Secure Communication Service which will enable the creation of secure communication channels on the platform within 3 milliseconds, Multi-layer Crypto Key Management that will allow the platform to have decentralized crypto key management with a high scalability factor. Another aspect of CENTRI’s technology that Atonomi will be integrated with shall make indexing and searching of encrypted data on the platform really fast. The basic Atonomi architecture, built upon the Ethereum platform, will include these key elements for users and ecosystem developers: Service to Establish Identity. Trusted identity provides a level of insurance necessary for IoT devices to exchange information, enable actions and buy and sell products and services. Protocol and System to Manage Reputation. A device’s reputation consists of its unique behavioral signature representing varying degrees of security, commercial, social, service, and other quality measurements. Atonomi’s reputation protocol is a key enabler of a future consisting of trusted devices securely interacting in an autonomous manner. Token to Facilitate Services in the Atonomi Network. The utilizing the token as a means to drive ecosystem participation. Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors will receive Atonomi Token for participating in the Atonomi Network. Project also will create an API, for further development and customization of product. It would help other developers to join ecosystem of secured IoT with implied transactions between it.

Business model

Atonomi is introducing the Atonomi Token for participants of the decentralized ecosystem, which can be used as a reasonable mean of exchange for secure device-to-device commerce between devices registered onto the Atonomi Network. In the absence of digital tokens, devices would need to be equipped with credit card processing capabilities that require a far larger footprint on resource-constrained devices. In addition, it has many other important functions. The Atonomi Token is used by the Atonomi Network for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions. Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors are anticipated to seek Atonomi Token rewards for participating in the Atonomi Network. The Atonomi Token, which functions in compliance with ERC-20 standards. Currently, the biggest problem with IoT devices is that their entire network can be disrupted by a malignant party that wants to steal valuable and sensitive data, this problem is only going to become a bigger threat as the world continues to become dependent on IoT technology. Blockchain-based Atonomi Network is going to solve this problem.


The financial model has not been presented yet. However, it is steel possible to make some estimation of further market capitalization and profit of the project. Atonomi would build ecosystem for the IoT. As a result, the biggest cash inflows for the project is commission from the transactions. The projected commission, stated in White Paper is 1%. There would be 20 billions IoT devices in 2020. If on average each device make 1 transaction per month and commission per transaction is 0,1$, the market size will be equal to 24 billions $ per year. Even 1% of market share gives 240 mln $ in revenue just in 2 years. However, currently project is just in the beginning of its development. In VC such projects usually attract seed stage investments. For ICO projects it would be normal, to set hard cap at 3 to 10 mln $, nowadays hard cap has not been announced. Anyway, for long-term investments this project looks really great.


Atonomi is being developed by CENTRI Technology, creators of IoTAS – Internet of Things Advanced Security. CENTRI’s current partners include the largest IoT ecosystem players like Arm, Flex, Microsoft, Intel, and others. Currently project has well-balanced and highly professional small team. They have an experience in leading universities, such as MIT, international companies, such as Pwc, USA department of defense and wide entrepreneur experience. More detailed information about founders is given below. Vaughan Emery – Founder and CEO – software leader and entrepreneur in cybersecurity market for over 20 years; founder and CEO of CENTRI Technology. David Fragale – Co-Founder and VP of Product – Former Blockchain and cryptocurrencies lead expert at PwC and fellow and researcher at MIT. Mike Mackey – CTO and VP of Engineering – builds market-leading security platforms and leads 15-person engineering team at CENTRI. Dr. Luis Paris – Chief Data Scientist – he has done ground-breaking PhD work led to the creation of core technologies for CENTRI. Andrii Zamovsky – Strategic Development Partner – he used to be founder of Ambisafe and OrderBook. In addition to that, project has great advisory board. Members of it is experienced in researches in data science, blockchain, other decentralized technologies and cyber security. Advisors are mostly experienced in data science and cyber security. We trully believe, that this team could build the great company.

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