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ICOscoring 2.0 — new tools to maximize your benefits from crypto

After a long period of work, the ICOscoring team is pleased to present users an updated version of our analytical platform. This article is dedicated to the release of ICOscoring v2.0 and is a guide to the effective use of the new functionality developed by the project team. The proposed tools will be useful for both investors and projects that attract investment through an ICO.

In the following sections, you can find a list of new tools and their possible use cases. Welcome to ICOscoring v2.0!

Site structure

The advanced functionality of the site includes:

  1. The ICO list - the most valuable resource of the project. Detailed information about all projects reviewed by our team

  2. Shortlist - a new section that allows you to conveniently follow the upcoming projects and find out new projects before they get wide coverage in the crypto-community

  3. Portfolio - now you can create your own portfolio to keep track of the dynamics of your virtual or real investments

  4. Article - we share our knowledge of the crypto assets, describe the current situation on the market and notice interesting cryptocurrencies’ use cases

  5. About us - the explanation of how ICOscoring creates value in the crypto sphere

  6. Methodology - details of our approach to project analysis and evaluation

ICOscoring 2.0. Menu

  1. The ICO list

The main section of the site includes information about past, current and future ICO projects:

The ICO list menu

In this section you can track the market activity by exploring the list of current, past and upcomming ICOs with detailed reviews and our opinion aiming to help you to make an informed investment decision. In addition, reviews on the past ICOs may help you to identify high-quality projects that are currently undervalued by the market and have significant growth potential.

This page contains a list of all analyzed projects. You can see the name and brief information about the project: the dates of the ICO, hard cap, a brief assessment of each component of the project in accordance to our methodology and the final evaluation of the project. In addition, it is possible to directly explore social networks, website and download a white paper of each project.

ist of all analyzed ICO projects

By hovering over the project’s points, you can see the key risks of the project for each component:

the key risks of the project for each component

ICOscoring analysts carefully study and evaluate each project presented on the website. The final assessment is formed by a detailed analysis of the five main sections: market, team, product, finance and business model (see our methodology described in the special section).

  1. Detailed projects analysis

On the ”Detailed analytics" page you can find full information about a project. Use the page menu for easy navigation to the desired sections.

Detailed projects analysis menu

The first screen allows making a quick general opinion about the project and checking the activity of the team. It includes describtion, links to available web-resources and social networks, project’s categories.

quick general opinion about the ICO project and checking the activity of the team

One of the most important criteria for project evaluation is the current stage of development. You can immediately see what has already been done by the team and figure out their current position on the roadmap.

ICO Detailed review.

The Roadmap section in a convenient format presents the proposed dates of the major product releases. For projects that have already held an ICO, this unit allows to determine the compliance of the current stage of development and the declared roadmap for fundraising.

The Roadmap section

Information about the current ROI is available for the projects listed on crypto exchanges:

Information about the current ROI

The next block is one of the most important in assessing the investment attractiveness - the description and functions of the token. In many projects, tokens do not create any additional value. This is often the reason for the sharp decline in the price of the token after the ICO. In addition, this block shows the basic information about the parameters of the ICO - its terms, the amount of funds raised, the consensus algorithm and etc.

the description and functions of the token

The next block describes token distribution. This information is very important because it allows us to understand how the capitalization of the entire token pool is higher than the hard cap. Consider two similar projects with a hard cap of $10 million. The first one allocates 20% of tokens to the token sale and the second one does 50%. Thus, the capitalization of the entire token pool of the first project appears to be $50 million, with $20 million for the second one - such valuations can greatly affect the investment decision. In addition, you can quickly assess how many tokens the team leaves for themselves and for the company.

token distribution

To make an informed decision about the investment, it is important to understand all the risks that the project contains. This is the subject of the block "Investment attractiveness". Risks are identified in five key categories, which allows considering the project from all sides.

Investment attractiveness

The last block of this page is a detailed analysis of the project in five areas - market, product, business model, finance, team. Each aspect of the project is rated from 1 to 5 and provides a detailed description.

Full analysis. Detailed review.

  1. The Shortlist

  New tool on our website - Shortlist section - is a list of projects passed an express screening. They will be analyzed further in detail by our team. In this section, you can see a brief description of the project, links to its website and social networks and its categories.

The Shortlist ICO projects

  1. The Portfolio

The second new section is Portfolio. ICOscoring users can easily monitor the dynamics of their real or virtual investment portfolio of digital assets. You can find the portfolio section, either through the main menu or through the SHORTLIST page:

ICOscoring users can easily monitor the dynamics of their real or virtual investment portfolio of digital assets

Create your first portfolio on our website in a few clicks:

ICO Portfolio

You can add any projects already listed on exchanges. Push “Create a  portfolio” and select a project, then specify the number of tokens in your portfolio and the purchase price. At the same time, for your convenience, you can choose the current market price at Coinmarketcap or ICO price:

add any projects already listed on exchanges

This tool allows you to monitor the value of the portfolio and its return in 3 currencies: USD, BTC, ETH.

monitor the value of the portfolio and its return in 3 currencies

  1. Subscriptions and project placement

  Good news for projects and our loyal customers. Now you can easily send your project to the ICOscoring team for further analysis, as well as receive regular newsletters from our team. On top of the page, you have two options: subscribe to our newsletter or publish a project.

Subscriptions and project placement

The newsletter is designed mainly for potential investors. Every week, we send information about the current situation in the cryptocurrency market and describe new investment opportunities. Specify your e-mail to receive this information.

The newsletter is designed mainly for potential investors

After that, you will see a confirmation:

The newsletter ICO

You can send any project for analysis just as easy. You can fill in the form of the project, which will be considered by the ICOscoring team in the future.

Publish your ICO

Join our community

  Thanks to ICOscoring, every investor, whether one is a professional investment fund manager or just a beginner, has an access to full information about the project. Digital assets market has low entry barriers, and an equal information field is perhaps the most important step towards the further development and growth of the market.

  Since the cryptocurrency market has no state borders, no local regulator is able to protect investors from fraud. Professional analysts from ICOscoring help clients to find the most promising projects.

  We have been preparing the release of the new version for several months and are pleased to announce such an important stage of development for more than 200k people who regularly visit our website.

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