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Some of the factors for investment decision making remained still undiscussed. One of them is timing.
Recently, the so-called “anonymous” blockchain protocols have become increasingly popular. In fact, according to the paper published by MIT, there are no completely anonymous cryptocurrencies on the market. Most of the projects hide information only to a certain extent. In this study, we talk about the leading players in the market of anonymous currencies, existing encryption mechanisms and their use cases.
How ICO market must be structured. Recently we found that the market around blockchain startups dramatically emerged and became more transparent for structuring and systematization. Lots of its players are coming in and out, that makes this market both open for new opportunities and difficult for understanding, on the other hand. This article aims to structure this market and uncover some major trends.
In this article, we will provide a hands-on guide to different types of tokens and their role in projects. Also, we will try to describe the most frequent traps the projects try to hinder from investors.
After a long period of work, the ICOscoring team is pleased to present users an updated version of our analytical platform. This article is dedicated to the release of ICOscoring v2.0 and is a guide to the effective use of the new functionality developed by the project team. The proposed tools will be useful for both investors and projects that attract investment through an ICO.
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