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About the ICOscoring team

The ICOscoring platform is based on a team with extensive experience in the field of direct and venture investments, as well as analysis of investment in the blockchain infrastructure.

We believe that the blockchain economy should be as transparent as possible for all its participants and set a goal to simplify the procedure for selecting investment-attractive projects that conduct ICO by providing analytics on the basis of Big Data and the classical approaches that are used in the venture industry.

The provided assessments take into account the main risks and uncertainties of the project, which allows you to increase the security of your investments in the ICO.

The methodology of the analysis is based on the approaches used in the analysis of projects that attract venture financing. It was based on the work of the recognized authorities of the venture ecosystem - Josh Lerner and Steven Kaplan, as well as their own experience in the venture industry, taking into account the specifics of the ICO.